Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ready For Springtime

The Chihuahua and I are ready for spring to get here. The hubby has had to shovel a spot for her to go outside to potty and boy has that been a fight. Even though she has a jacket on she spends most of the time looking at us shaking and probably wondering what the heck we are thinking. Thank God she goes to paper, pee pads and is litter trained because a couple of big snows

Would be a lot like a Where's Waldo? When the snows are too deep we couldn't even tie pork chops to snowmen to get her out the door. We are ready for spring and taking our walks! I've also been really busy getting ready for the April Blogging Challenge. This is the first year I've attempted to enter two but hey it is called a Challenge for a reason. Not many from the A-Z link list has stopped by. I think a total of three but just in case you are stopping by from that list I posted Lessons From An A-Z Survivor on my other blog that you may wish to read.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Coming Soon!

If you've been visiting this blog you can see that my owner is slacking in keeping up here. She has another blog that keeps her pretty busy besides her job which is important because it get's me Kibbles in my bowl. I can't complain though, my food and water bowl is always filled; and I get the bestest bedtime snack before going to sleep at night. Whenever she set's down, I make sure I am setting on her lap for lots of pat's and kisses. My hooman says she is entering this blog in something called  April A-Z Blogging Challenge. She blogged in it before on her other blog and promised me that after it was over she'd work on mine a little. Well you see how far we got don't ya?  'bout as far as she can throw a stick. Shhh don't tell her I said that though! She is a procrastinator. This year she says, "I'm entering "Tails of the Chiwawa" in the challenge. Now I'm just shaking my head and my tail and wish I could tell her, "Girl, you so funny!" If I could have found the fetch button on the computer I would have already blogged a few things, but I worry about stuff like Carpal Paw Syndrome. Now my hooman just told me that this April thing is going to be about as fun as a car ride so I am all for that! I am helping her come up with some fun stories for each letter of the Alphabet, based on Chihuahua! Yep that's me, Ms. Elizabeth. Hoping you will stop by every now and again to check out the fun things we have come up with so see ya soon!