Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Go Poop In Your Own Yard"

Ms Elizabeth loves her adventurous walks around the yard. Everyday there are new things to discover like, why are there two piles of poop in the yard? "I know these aren't mine" Elizabeth says as she strolls through the yard. "I bet they belong to the cat next door and now my fur people have to clean this mess up." Elizabeth strolls to the fence peeking through, "I see you cat and this is my yard over here. Go poop in your own yard." The cat comes strolling across the yard and stops, Ms. Elizabeth of course takes a step backwards. "You talking to me punk?" The cat sets there growling. Old Tom as he's known around the neighborhood is just a neighborhood Tom, who strolls every evening getting into trash cans, spraying in every one's yard which often the morning air smells of, "Eu de' cat piss" because of this. Ms. Elizabeth doesn't mind barking at him through the fence, knowing her fur people are always close by in case Old Tom decides to get froggy and pounce. Last summer, Old Tom decided to climb a tree with the nestlings of the Blue Jay's. Someone should have told him that there are a few species of birds that cat's just shouldn't mess with, Blue Jay being high up on the list. Ms Elizabeth sat on the porch barking, her fur owners laughed, "Should have read the book" Ms Elizabeth yelled out, barking as the Blue Jay's gave Old Tom the what for chasing him down the road. A short time later the Blue Jay's are back in the tree shrieking the call, "Cat, Cat!" We never noticed until that day that the Blue Jay's actually yell for the cats. Hmmm that's pretty odd... (Continued Soon)

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