Friday, March 16, 2012

"Protecting Your Chihuahua From Accidents"

Extra care needs to be taken to protect your Chihuahua.
Chihuahua's have been known to fall victim to birds of prey, such as: owls, hawks, eagles...
They can also fall an easy victim to other wildlife as well as bigger dogs.
Traffic dangers are a biggy for the Chihuahua Breed.
Chihuahua's have also been known to make a meal for a snake. If you are a snake owner considering a Chi or vice versa, consider the risks.

You should never allow children to pick your Chihuahua up by its front legs, back legs, tail, etc...
This can do some bone and tissue damage and cause the dog not only problems, but a lifetime of pain as well.
A Chihuahua cannot sustain a fall from a great distance, such as stairs. A Chihuahua should not be allowed to jump from high places, such as a tv, couches-beds-steps-desks-or anything that is more then twice its own height until bones are set and dog is matured.
Chihuahua's are not a good choice with small children. They can get injured so easily. Even the best children aren't neccessarily careful- a Chi can be injured if a door is slammed on it.
A Chi can be injured if stepped on. Be extrememly careful with Chihuahua's and recliners. Many a Chihuahua has been tragically injured when recliners have been closed on them.
A lamp cord or other appliance cord that is chewed not only poses an electrocution hazard; but is a fire hazard as well. A chewed appliance cord not only poses other dangers~ but a heavy appliance pulled down on a Chihuahua can severely injure it.
IMO~ NO child under the age of 13 should have full responsiblity for any breed of dog, much less a Chihuahua who is fragile by nature and an irrepairable injury can happen very quickly.
Never allow young children to walk the dog alone. You should not allow your Chi to be outside unsupervised with a young child.
Put all chemicals, especially antifreeze, high on a shelf or secured away from Chihuahua's (well any pet for that matter).
Be careful with over the counter meds and presciption meds. Many medications made for humans can have serious side effects on pets and could cause death. NEVER give your Chihuahua (or any pet for that matter) over the counter meds or presciption meds for humans, without first checking with a vet.
You could possibly prevent accidents:
By not allowing your Chihuahua to be outside unsupervised.
Never allow an unknown roaming dog to approach your Chi. Pick it up, if you see a strange dog approaching.
To prevent traffic dangers~ never allow your Chi off of a lead or out of a secured fenced in area. Use caution with open doors to make sure your Chihuahua can't run out and into traffic.
If you have small children and decide to get a Chihuahua~ never allow your Chi to be unsupervised with the child/children.
Don't set your Chi on a table, counter, tv etc... as a fall can severely injure it. If you have a basement with steps~ secure doors to prevent an accident with a Chi pup falling down the steps.
Use bells on harnesses and collars to alert you that your Chi is around. Use extreme caution with doors and Chihuahua's.
Door stops could possibly prevent a door from being opened on a Chihuahua. Never shut a door without first making sure that the Chi isn't there to possibly get caught in the door.
If you have a recliner, be extremely careful to make sure your Chi isn't resting under it before closing the foot part.
For those times when you have company who may not be familiar with the Chihuahua Breed~ explain the" rules" to them. Better yet, elect to use an exercise pen or a playpen when company is around~ this has always worked for us.
Tiny Chi puppies should be gated, crated or use an x-pen or playpen for their safety during those times you must leave them unsupervised. Puppies are very curious by nature and could get injured very quickly. For tiny puppies and for those Chihuahua's under a year old~ it's best to "toddler proof" your home. Locks on cupboards, secure those wires, pick up things such as: rubberbands, paper clips, legos, buttons~ these not only pose a choking hazard, but can cause internal injuries as well.
You can get the cord covers at any hardware store. Make sure heavy appliances are secure and can't be pulled down by a puppy.
Clean up chemical spills (especially antifreeze) immediately and store chemicals away from your Chihuahua. Keep all medications locked and out of reach of a curious Chihuahua.
If your Chi is accidentally injured, please seek vet care immediately...

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