Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Springtime=Flea Time"

With Spring just a few short weeks away, I guess now is a good time to mention this dreaded word, FLEAS. IDK has anyone else had a problem with fleas this winter? This has been an odd season. Normally in the winter we didn't have to worry about the fleas. They hibernated or something in the season. I guess with the season being unseasonably mild Ms Elizabeth has been battling this all season.
Somehow I think that the fleas are becoming immune to Frontline.

Elizabeth has somehow become- Flea Magnet. I told her it's because fleas are haters. Just kidding!!!
I have always heard that pests can become immune to pesticides over a time and now I truly believe it. We treat the outside with Bayer Home Pest as well, but I only spray this on the ground around the house, the decks etc... I have never really sprayed the entire yard with this. We did our treatment in September and I think the rains have probably washed it away by now. We retreat the last week of April/early May when we are spring planting and yard and home maintenance.
I am just wondering if anyone else not living in a warm zone has had flea problems this winter?
My Inside Treatment includes:
I put cedar chips (the kind that's used for pet bedding) in cheese cloth and tie securely with a rubber band. I put these under my furniture, behind dressers, etc... virtually anywhere that is out of sight, as well as where the Chi Kiddy can't get to them. I also sprinkle some 20 Team Borax (laundry detergent) on my carpets under furniture (again out of sight as well as where a pet cannot get into it). (CAUTION: Use caution with Borax. It's an abrasive and may cause damage to carpets)
An All Natural Flea Spray For Your Chihuahua
(or dog of any breed)
My Orange and Lemon Peel Flea Spray:
I boil a pan of water (1qt. would be sufficient). After the water is in a raging boil, I add orange and lemon peels to it and let it continue to boil for 5 more minutes. I then turn the burner off. Sometimes a little more water needs added to the pan. I cover the pan and let it set until the next day. Using a strainer, I strain the water through and pour mixture in a spray bottle. Voile'... an all natural Flea and Tick Spray. My Chi Kids are sprayed before going out, and before coming back inside.
(NOTE: Please be careful not to get this spray in their eyes as it will burn and be irritating. Also Not for use on cats.)
If your Chihuahua is infested with fleas, an "old time" approach that was used a very long time ago to repel them is Lemon Joy Dish Liquid. Be careful however. This product can be harsh to a Chihuahua's fur... so after the initial bath with the dish liquid product, it may be best to follow up with a little conditioner.
Mosquito Remedy:       
All natural Mosquito repellent. . .guard against Heartworm
        by Keiley Abbat
I test annually, but do not give the preventative. Instead, I keep the mosquitoes off the dogs and the human family as well by using the following recipe:
        1 Cup Avon's Skin-So-Soft bath oil
1 Cup water
1/4 Cup organic apple cider vinegar
4-5 drops Eucalyptus oil
        Mix together in a spray bottle and spray the family silly!!! It smells
nice, is non-toxic and the bugs hate it.

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