Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Memories of Gidget"

This was Ms. Gidget...
and Tinker.
My daughter took violin lessons for a few years. I have no clue if the violin hurt her ears or if she just loved the music, but when my daughter practiced, Gidget and Tinker had a ritual. They first had to be setting in the violin case, and within minutes Gidget was singing (or howling).
It wouldn't be long before Tinker joined in.
Here is a picture of the Chihuahua gang in Bethany Beach Deleware.
I never realized it until looking at this picture, but Gidget is acting like a bully.
When Gidget was a wee puppy she did not like staying home alone. I can remember sneaking her everywhere with us, in my oversized pocketbook. One memory I have is sneaking her into church with us. When the choir sang she would raise her head up and howl the entire time. She had been to church for quite a few months when the preacher was preaching and took his stick and hit some papers on the easel. Uh oh, the jig was up Gidget popped her head out of my pocket book and started barking. I was a tad embarrassed mainly because Pastor Duane then said, "see even the puppy agrees!" I miss her antics.
Gidget went to Rainbow Bridge on 12/1/2007

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