Friday, January 13, 2012

"A Misunderstood Breed"

I am owned by Chihuahuas.
Make no mistake if you have a Chihuahua, they pretty much own you.
Personally, I think the breed is often misunderstood.
People who have never owned the breed think they are nothing but yappy lap dogs. Well, thats what friends tell me about them.
Honestly though, they are lap dogs and they can at times be verbal.
They are also little clowns per se. They have clownish antics.
Gidget, would sing. Elizabeth knows how to set up pretty. If you have a plate of food, she will set up for you. Beth, would spin in circles if she heard the rattle of car keys.
I think their attitudes is what is often misunderstood. Though small you couldn't convince them of it, especially if they think they are protecting those they love.
I once heard a comedian say that he would rather break into a house that had one doberman than a house that had three Chihuahuas because at least you can see the Doberman chasing you.
Our Chihuahua's, Gidget and Tinker used to make regular visits to local nursing homes to visit the shut ins.
Chihuahuas make the perfect little companion dogs and with good temperament, most do make wonderul little therapy dogs. The residents of the nursing homes looked forward to their visits with the Chihuahua kiddies. After Gidget and Tinker passed away, I have not been back to visit with Elizabeth.
The Chihuahua breed also gained popularity with the Taco Bell commercials and then with the Legally Blonde and Beverly Hills Chihuahua movies.

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