Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Memories of Tinker"

I shared my memories of Beth and Gidget, now for my memories of Tinker.
That goes way back to the 90's and the days of the old AOL message boards. I had just lost Beth and I was going thru all of those emotions of grief. To make a long story short I met his breeder on those old AOL message boards.
Tinker was a special little boy right from the start, and I felt very honored that she trusted me with this special little boy. A few weeks after birth he got what is known as failure to thrive and depended on humans to feed him. Tinker was able to come to our house at 6 months old. He weighed about a pound at that time. Given only about a year to live, that always scared me. I wasn't sure if I could bear losing another one so close to losing Beth.
We were able to enjoy this fellow for nine years. Eight more than was even ever thought.
A special memory I have of Tink is that he was a verbal Chihuahua. If he thought he was being ignored, he howled. Most people who heard it thought that it was a baby crying. Nope just Tinker. He was also a little fellow that only wanted lov'en when he wanted lov'en. For instance, if you kissed him and he was in a Tinker mood, he would show teeth at you. Never violent, but it was funny the times we got that reaction from him.
He also followed Gidget. I seriously don't think that the violin practice bothered him, he just howled because Gidget was howling.
Other memories are- We always said that we think Gidget thought that she was his mother, and Tinker did not seem to mind the extra attention given to him by Gidget. Tinker started suffering seizures due to hydrocephalus a year before his passing. After one very bad one our vet did suggest that we think about putting him down. I think that was the hardest words that I had heard in all of his 9 years. Because it was July and I couldn't bear losing another Chihuahua over a holiday (Beth passed away on Labor Day) I asked the vet for a few weeks. Sadly on July 5th Tinky passed away in my arms. I held him for what seemed forever until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
I can't wait until my dad is feeling better and I can get my old photo albums to him to scan for me.
This special gif

Was made by a lady Mary back in the late 90's. I loved it then, and today it is very special to me.
I will always be grateful to Robin, Kellie and Katie for allowing Tinker to be a part of my home and my life.

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