Friday, April 25, 2014

Going to the Veterinarian

My Chihuahua's least favorite place to be is at the vets office. I don't blame her. Going to the doctor for me is a little blood pressure rising too. She gets this look like she is thinking, please take the cat next, please take the cat next until it is her turn which she recognizes. The minute I stand with her she knows and tries to climb up to my shoulder. She knows! She hasn't been a sick dog so I know she knows she is at that place that is going to poke her with pins and needles. It shows on her face. I have to carry puppy paste with me just to go to the vet because she stresses out so bad. Stress can cause a Chihuahuas blood sugar to drop which is what the puppy paste is used for.

I have a very submissive Chihuahua who gets nervous in many situations. She has never bitten or snapped even when getting shots. She however gets a look like her feelings just got hurt. The new vet tech there recently came in to give her shots with a muzzle in her hand. I am thankful the vet was still in the room and told her that she wouldn't need the muzzle. I think just putting it on would have stressed my girl out more than getting that little prick from the needle.

All Chihuahuas are different and I had one of those Chihuahuas who had to be muzzled for the veterinarian. That was the three pound Chihuahua that it took six people to give a pill to. I also had one that was allergic to the lepto in the vaccine. Within seconds she developed lumps all over her head, the sides of her mouth and face- a sign of an allergic reaction in a dog. She had to get the vaccine w/o lepto.

Chihuahua health is very important. They can suffer from things like low blood sugar, collapsed trachea to the more major problems of luxating patellas and mitral valve heart problems are just a few of the problems with this breed of dog. Each breed a dog has different health problems associated. Vet care is important not only with the Chihuahua, but with other breeds as well.

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