Monday, April 14, 2014

Litter Box Training A Chihuahua

If you own a Chihuahua or any other breeds in the toy breed group of dogs then you probably know that you can litter box train a Chihuahua. It's accomplished in the same way that you would litter box train a cat. My Chihuahua will not go potty in the yard when there is snow, sleet, freezing rain, freezing rains OR when the temps are in Polar Vortex winds. I can barely get her to go when it isn't 50 degrees outside. We needed a backup plan- the litter box. All of our Chihuahuas-past and present- have been litter box trained and amazingly it was simple potty training them to go a litter box. I posted about the Chihuahua and the Potty Training Dilemma. 

 I've tried all sorts of things in the box from kitty litter to cedar chips- Robin (my bestest Chihuahua buddy) gave me the idea of shredded paper!!!! And these guys love the paper best!!!!!

WARNING: Don't use the litter with the deodorizers added. I know a Chi that ate some of this out of his litter box and it ate holes in his stomach and he bled to death internally. OK... the first thing is to establish a spot where you wish to set up the litter box. This should be an easy to find and get to place for the dog. Once you have set this spot up, don't move it. It will confuse them as to where they are supposed to go. Its also best to maybe put down a plastic type carpet runner (at least this is what I use) I layer the carpet runner with newspapers and 2 wee pads' Tinker would often stand on the outside and squirt in, but would poo on the paper or the wee pads. I use a regular cat box (I also use a scoop for scraping the papers out of the box each morning) Each morning I scrape the box in the garbage and using a hospital basin, I clean it with Lysol (brown bottle) with a little bleach added to the water. Before filling it with paper I spray it with Lysol Disinfectant Spray and let it dry. OK... once you've established the place, gotten the box and chose what you are going to use in it. I chose to start training in the morning. First thing I pick her up and set her in the litter box. It may take some coaxing the first few days. You should stay right there with them and if they get out, you put them back in. 

IMPORTANT: When they potty in the box- make a big deal out of it, with lots of patting and good doggies. Before putting them in that first time, I went in the yard and scooped up a piece of their poo in the yard and put it in the box- and until they were going on their own, I made sure I put a small piece of poo in each morning after cleaning and changing it. (This helps give them the scent that its OK to potty in the box) The first 3 day's I pick them up every 1/2 hour and set them in the litter box. This may take longer depending on the dog- mine were going within 2 weeks by themselves tho. Now keep in mind they won't go every half hour, but it gives them the idea that this is where they are to go to potty. After each meal and each time they drink water- pick them up and put them in the litter box. After the 3 day's I stopped picking them up and taking them there and just watching them. If I saw them sniffing or acting like they were trying to find a place to potty- I stood up and said their name. I started out pointing to the box and said- potty in the box. If they didn't go I would walk and get them and take them. After about 2 weeks they were going on their own, but I still watched to make sure they weren't sneaking a poo in any corner. It can work for older dogs as well. Many years ago I litter box trained Beth (our little one who passed away) She was 2 years old when we got her. So, it can be done. You just have to be consistent with it. 

Older Chihuahuas- The older Chi's can have some incontinence problems. If your Chihuahua is potty trained and all of a sudden is having accidents it can also be due to a medical problem. You know your Chihuahua. If you think it could be due to a medical condition, take her to the vet.

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Hi, interesting post. I guess like any animal, with patience, it is possible to litter train them.
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