Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Chihuahua Addiction

Today is the first day of A-Z and I thought I would start it with the Chihuahua addiction. Okay I have said it. I am addicted to the Chihuahua. Is there a support group or a twelve step program out there? In my years I have been owned by at least 5 of this breed and that isn't including the Chihuahua's I grew up with. I grew up with this breed and can remember how snappy they could be because they really didn't like kids but as an adult I <3 heart the breed. I am addicted! Owning the Chihuahua is like eating potato chips. It is hard to
stop at one. Right now I am owned by Miss Elizabeth Taylor.
My girl Elizabeth Taylor
Now that my human kids have all left home my Chihuahua gives me back that need to nurture. The Chihuahua has such a babyish attitude. Now, those that don't own the breed often don't see it that way. They only see and hear a sometimes yappy and snappy dog. So not true.
Another A word related to the Chihuahua is Apple head. The Chihuahua can have two types of heads. The apple head like Miss Elizabeth or the deer head type like the Chihuahua in the Taco Bell commercials. Both types is found in the Chihuahua breed. Many years ago both heads were acceptable as showing quality. Years later the apple head is the breed standard if you want to enter into dog shows. The deer head to breeders is what they refer to as pet quality. There is really no difference in the breed no matter what type of head they have. A Chihuahua is a Chihuahua!


Honoré said...

A nice start for the Challenge! Following... :)

Gossip_Grl said...

Thanks for stopping by today to read the first post of A-Z

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the Chihuahua. A breed that can be a little snuggle bunny or a land shark! Nice start for A to Z, can't wait to see what else you share! - Melanie

(note: you may want to turn off the code stuff...none of us are robots...or are we?!?!)

Gossip_Grl said...

Melanie As a vet I am sure you have probably saw the Chihuahua in both of those forms. :) I had one girl who when at the vet she was a good girl as long as I was with her. If they had to take her for things like an x-ray oh boy she really showed herself with both yap and snap. :)

Afshan Shaik said...

haha !
Shows ur immense love for chihuahua :)
am not a pet lover but my hubby is one so can understand

Cascadian Nomads Bethany said...

I have met a few chihuahua's and I think they're great. Jason says no way though.. I'll send him to your post!
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Anonymous said...

I think Chihuahuas are so adorable. Of the ones I've met, the little feisty ones are my favorite. Their personalities are so huge. I feel like I'm spending time with one of my saucy friends when the little devil is around. Too cute.

Erin said...

I am more a big dog person but I have run across a few Chihuahua that I could have totally stuck in my pocket and snuck home :)
Stopping by from The Five Dog Blog

Gossip_Grl said...

Afshan Thanks and yeah I definitely am a pet lover! I can't imagine setting without a lap dog. :)

Ramblings I have had a couple like you mention- feisty and acting hyperactive. :) My Chi Elizabeth is pretty laid back but yeah agree on the more saucy of the breed. :)

Erin My daughter had a Dobie who thought he was a lap dog and always tried setting on our lap. :)

Gossip_Grl said...

Cascadian Nomads A Chihuahua is so small you could probably sneak it in the house before Jason knew you had it. :) Thanks I was unaware that it was still turned on!

Suzanne Sapsed said...

Glancing through your blog looks like Chihuahua's really are your Addiction :)
Suzanne @Suzannes Tribe

Gossip_Grl said...

Thanks for stopping by and visiting!