Monday, April 7, 2014

Made Famous by Taco Bell

Over the past decade the Chihuahua has become a popular dog. First by the Taco Bell. Who could forget the familiar voice and the popular catch phrase,"¡Yo quiero Taco Bell!?" Not only were some running to get some more Taco Bell but that debacle that left many Chihuahuas homeless and in shelters and dumped into rescues. Breeders and those in rescue were screaming How about no more Taco Bell? I know I was helping with some rescue during that fiasco! Gidget, the star of those commercials was herself was rescued
from a humane shelter.

Then the superstars made them famous. Who can forget Paris Hilton's Chihuahua Tinkerbell? Calling Tinkerbell a t-cup Chihuahua and everyone had to have one. In the world of responsible breeders there is no such thing as t-cup Chihuahua.
Many celebrities over the ages have owned the Chihuahua Jayne Mansfield 
had two and Johnny Weir had two. I once read that Mickey Rourke owned five- just to name a few celebrities. I have an idea now for another blog post for a later date! Celebrities who have owned Chihuahuas!

Ren from the Ren and Stimpy show and of course Bruiser from Legally Blonde. Then Disney came along  with Beverly Hills Chihuahua. 
Many were breeding them to make a quick buck and puppy mills arose on a daily basis so by the time the Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie came to the big screen breeders and rescues were cringing at it. I do have to give a hand to Disney though. They did put a statement at the end of the movie regarding responsibility in breeding and ownership.

I am posting this while trying not to go off on a rant about puppy mills. My first Chihuahua came from a puppy mill. I didn't know anything about them when I got her. Boy did I pay for that in the end. She lived a year after I got her and it wasn't until we had to euthanize her did I learn her Losing her brought a lot of heartache.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the Chihuahua dog isn't a breed for everyone. Don't get one just because they are what is popular today. The Chihuahua is a breed that needs and requires a lot of human attention. On April 17 and the letter O my post on Owning the Chihuahua with lots of info on owning a Chihuahua!


Crystal Collier said...

I guess that's why I don't have any pets right now--too many kids who require attention. ;) I imagine we'll want a pet one day--especially when I'm unable to travel and just need an extra heart around to love. I do miss having a pet, but it might push me over the edge.

Millie Burns said...

It's really bizarre how movies influence folks attitudes toward dogs. Dalmations are a tough breed to own, but so many people wanted one after 101 Dalmations. I have a Dobie, who's the sweetest big bloke you ever saw, but folks think he's scary because of how they are portrayed in movies. And, yeah, it's nice there is no more Taco Bell chihuahua!