Monday, April 21, 2014

The Chihuahua Rules of the House

The Chihuahua although small is the ruler of house and has her own set of rules. Here are just a few

Although she has a self feeder with her hard dog food the hubby started giving her a little soft dog food in the evenings as a treat. She expects this treat to be given by seven o'clock in the evening. If not she will worry you about it as she goes from lap to lap and staring. Later before bed she expects a piece of a treat of a Beggin Strip.

Whatever you are eating, she expects to have a taste too.

Everything in the house belongs to her including her favorite spot to lay on the couch.

Laps are made to set on. If you are setting down your lap belongs to her.

Don't leave a room without her. She will follow from room to room even if you are just putting away clothes.

The toys are where she wants them even if they are all over the floor.

Don't even try to move her so you can have more room on the bed. She will get even closer and crowd you.

Don't come in the house smelling of other animals- especially cats.

Don't give her a bath and then take her outside after it.

Expect lots of loving even if includes sticking her tongue in your mouth!

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