Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q Queen of the Bed

This was a hard letter to come up with something related to pets and keeping in mind it had to be the letter Q related. I have chosen Queen of the Bed because although this little dog only weighs five pounds when she stretches out while we are sleeping she takes up the bed. Elizabeth also has to have toys on the bed at night time so when we roll over on the occasion that we happen to cause her toys to squeak, she will freak out barking. Apparently she doesn't like that.

Now many people say that you aren't supposed to allow your dog in the bed to sleep with you and others say especially a Chihuahua because you could accidentally roll on them. None of our Chihuahuas have ever been rolled on and none have became dominating because we allow this. Our Chihuahuas still know their place in the pack!
There is nine more days left in the Challenge and every year that I've participated by the time the day for Q rolls around I am counting the days that are left. 


Millie Burns said...

I'd rather a Queen of the bed your dog's size, than my prince of the bed...Dexter climbs up on our bed somewhere around 2-3 am. 100 pounds of Doberman!!!

Gossip_Grl said...

Millie Oh I agree on the size of a Dobie! My daughters boyfriend had a doberman who thought he was a lap dog. I can't count the times he tried to set on my lap. :) Max was a good dog and my grand sons best pal!